Macarons are perfect gluten free confections,

made with a touch of air (meringue) and almond flour.

They are very tasty, chewy, colorful and a great way to attract customers to your business.

Since we have a very unique approach in the way our Macarons are made, they are a lot less heavier and sweeter than the regulars.

Either filled with a flavored chocolate ganache or other creams, they are sure to please the most demanding palates.

Upon special request some of our macarons can be made dairy free (Please call us for details).


Case: 36 packages (3 units each): Either raspberry, dulce de leche and chocolate or salted caramel cream, pistachio and blackberry.

Case: 18 packages (6 units each): Rasbperry, dulce de leche, chocolate, salted caramel cream, pistachio and blackberry.